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TouchCare CEO to Speak at HR Redefined Conference

We’re excited to announce that TouchCare's CEO, Rob LaHayne, will be speaking at HR Redefined 2019.

Sponsored by Namely, an HR software company, HR Redefined brings together over 600 human resources executives for an two-day conference in New York City. This year, HR Redefined is hosting an all-star lineup of motivational speakers, thought leaders, and industry experts.

With the conference just a few short weeks away, Namely decided to highlight a few of the talented speakers you’ll soon see on the HRR stage.

They sat down with three of the speakers, Rebecca Liebman of LearnLux, Rob LaHayne of TouchCare, and Juli Insinger of Carrot, to learn more about their careers and upcoming panel, “Making Sense of the Cutting-Edge of Employee Benefits.”

Here’s a sneak peek at how healthcare concierge services, fertility benefits, and financial wellness are changing the employee benefits landscape.

What most excites you about the field of HR?

Rebecca Liebman:

People are the most important part of an organization, and I love that companies are starting to build around that.

Rob LaHayne:

HR impacts every part of an organization and is possibly the least transactional field one can be in. Everything HR does is strategic. No other function can say that.

Juli Insinger:

HR finally has a seat at the table. We’re the ones who get to listen to the hopes, dreams, and fears of employees—then effect meaningful change. I’m most looking forward to seeing how HR leaders shape the future of work.

Read the rest of the interview here

With HR Redefined 2019 just around the corner, don’t forget to buy your ticket and secure your spot! Stay tuned for even more HR Redefined 2019 speaker spotlights on the Namely blog, or check out a full list of HRR speakers and sessions here.

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